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Kesäisessä maisemassa yksityiskohta puisesta Lintharjun maamerkistä. Tervatussa rungossa on kyltti, jossa lukee Lintharju on huippu.

Lintharju is the most versatile outdoor area in Suonenjoki, where you can rejuvenate both in summer and winter. The magnificent ridge area has trails for hiking, mountain biking and also skiing. Take a basket for mushrooms or rent an electric mountain bike and explore the beautiful ridge area! Bring a snack to the lean-to or pop into the Lintharju Sports Center after outdoor activities to swim, take a sauna and enjoy what the café has to offer.

Nature trail

You can explore the nature of Lintharju along the nature trail that is 13 kilometers long. There are information boards along the trail on which you can find information on the nature in the area. Thanks to the connecting trails, shorter routes can also be taken.

Get the thrill of speed by mountain biking

Those who enjoy going faster can get to know Lintharju by mountain bike. Lintharju’s trails are mainly quite easy through heath forest terrain, but in places the ridge hills with big reliefs create challenges. The trails are marked on the terrain with yellow paint markings and guide signs. The trail is partly on nature reserve and Natura areas. So please respect nature while cycling and keep on the marked trails.

In addition to Lintharju, you can also find Simola and Koskelo mountain bike trails in Suonenjoki.


When you arrive in the area, you should leave your car in the lower parking area near the ice rink close to the town center, where you can also find the trail maps. It is also possible to set off from Onkilampi, where the other parking lot for the outdoor recreation area is located.


Packed snacks taste the best outdoors! There are a total of five lean-tos in the Lintharju area: the lean-tos of Alaparkki, Palolampi and Kukkura, and the lower and upper lean-tos of Onkilampi. The town provides wood for the lean-tos.

In the Lintharju area you can find:

Cross-country ski trails

The most beautiful ski trails in Savonia can of course be found in Lintharju. Some of the trails are named after great local skiers. You can also take your dog skiing with you to the dog trail.

Lintharju ski tails (only in Finnish)

Rane’s steps

The fitness stairs are named Rane’s steps after Rauno Miettinen. This is how we want to give thanks to the Olympic athlete for the goodwill and local pride he has brought to the people of Suonenjoki.

More about outdoor gym places (only in Finnish)

Lintharju Sports Center

Experience the fun of sports in the swimming pool, at the gym or cheering from the stands! There is something for everyone in the versatile pool area and gym. Among other things volleyball, futsal and floorball national level games together with various events are organized in the sports hall.

Lintharju Sports Center (only in Finnish)

Mountain bike trails

Mountain bike trails in Suonenjoki offer a challenge both to those who are getting to know the sport and to those who already are enthusiasts.

Mountain bike routes

Disc golf park

You can play on the 23-fairway forest course all year round. There are suitable fairways for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Disc golf route (only in Finnish)

Secret mushroom spot

Suonenjoki’s secret mushroom spot can also be found in Lintharju. Along the mushroom trail, you can find 11 kinds of mushrooms from porcinis to chanterelles. Just don’t tell anyone about this!

Psst… Map of secret mushroom spot (only in Finnish)

Iso Kaatro beach

At the most popular beach you can find a diving tower and a water slide for people who enjoy the water.

Swimming beaches (only in Finnish)
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