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Tourism - Visit Suonenjoki

Experience Suonenjoki from a different perspective! Go rowing on city boats or explore Suonenjoki by canoe or kayak.

Harbour and boating

In addition to a guest marina, Iisvesi Beach Pavilion offers a wide range of services such as a lean-to with a grill, a beach, outdoor fitness equipment and a beach volleyball court.

More about harbour and boating (only in Finnish)

City boats

Explore Suonenjoki with city boats! The boats are free for everyone to use. You can also row in tandem on one of the boats!

How can I go boating? (only in Finnish)

The Museum canal of Kuivataipale

The Kuivataipale Museum Canal is the only canal in Finland that connects two waterways, the Kymijoki and Vuoksi. The canal’s hand-operated lock is worth experiencing!

The Museum canal of Kuivataipale (only in Finnish)

Suonenjoki for paddlers

Find out more about Suonenjoki as a kayaking route in the Retkipaikka article.

Suonenjoki in the Retkipaikka article (only in Finnish)

Beaches for swimming

What better way to cool off in the summer heat than taking a dip in the water!

Get know beaches for swimming (only in Finnish)

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