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Tourism - Visit Suonenjoki

Suonenjoki has great opportunities for outdoor activities and sports! In addition to the beautiful ridge landscapes and extensive bodies of water, there is a wide range of recreational facilities within easy reach for everyone. In Suonenjoki you will find, for example, several outdoor gyms run by the town, beaches and a disc golf course.

Take the path along the Suonenjoki river, for example, and walk from Kruununsilta bridge (on Rautalammintie) towards Siioninsilta bridge. In addition to the stunning scenery, you will also find a bench trail, an outdoor gym, a park of different deciduous tree species and a camp fireplace!

Disc golf

You can play on the 23-fairway forest course all year round. There are suitable fairways for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Get know to Suonenjoki Disk gold route (only in Finnish)

Bench workouts

Go for a jog or walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh outdoor air of Suonenjoki! Each bench has its own muscle training exercise with instructions.

Bench workouts route map (only in Finnish)

Outdoor gyms

Outdoor gyms are places for low-threshold muscle training. Suonenjoki has five outdoor gyms.

Outdoor gyms (only in Finnish)

Athletics fields, ice skating rinks and ball game courts

Athletics fields, ice skating rinks and ball game courts

Beaches for swimming

What better way to cool off in the summer heat than taking a dip in the water!

Get know beaches for swimming at Suonenjoki (only in Finnish)

Deciduous Tree Species Park

The tree species park presents traditional domestic and some foreign deciduous trees growing in Finland and their special breeds. The first trees in the tree species park were planted in spring 1996.

Deciduous Tree Species Park (only in Finnish)
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