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Tourism - Visit Suonenjoki
Ilmakuva Suonenjoelta auringonlaskun aikaan. Kaupungin yllä sateenkaari.

The capital of Sisä-Savo (Inner Savonia), Suonenjoki, is located in Northern Savonia with good accessibility. The railway traffic of Savonia runs through the town. All passenger trains stop at Suonenjoki station in the town center on their way from Helsinki to Kuopio or further and back. 

When arriving by car, you can conveniently depart from Highway 9, which connects the regions of Central Finland and Northern Savonia. The distance to Kuopio is about 50 km and to Jyväskylä about 95 km.

You can find the bus station and taxi stand at the address Herralantie 3.

The closest airport is in Kuopio located in Rissala, Siilinjärvi about 65 km away.

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